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One would probably never think of a fish hatchery as being beautiful, but the Mt. Whitney State Fish Hatchery is an exception.

The grounds of the hatchery resemble an old European country estate with lush vegetation that is kept immaculate year round. The main structure is a gorgeous chateau style building that was built in 1916, thus marking the beginning of trout management in the Eastern Sierra region.

Temporarily CLOSED

California to return 40 acres in Inyo County — including historic hatchery — to Paiute people

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be returning more than 40 acres of Inyo County land to the Indigenous Paiute people in early in 2024, including a decades-old fish hatchery located along historic Route 395.

The hatchery was built in 1917 and was intended to supply lakes and rivers in Southern California with fresh fish. The hatchery was made of local granite and withstood a century of weathering. At one point, it was able to hold 3 million fingerlings that were used to stock ponds, other hatcheries and nearby lakes. The hatchery closed in 2008 due to heavy rain and fire damage. Black Rock Hatchery, in nearby Independence, is now responsible for stocking trout in the surrounding lakes and eastern Sierra Nevada range.