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Do I need a permit for Mt. Whitney?
Yes, overnight permits are on a quota. Contact the Mt. Whitney Ranger Station in Lone Pine (760)-876-6200 or better yet, visit their website. Read your permit for details.

Is there a Golf Course?
Yes! Just south of town, on Hwy.395 you will find Golf and scenery like no where else. A forgiving 9-hole course with honest small town prices.

Where is the nearest airport?
Locally there is Lone Pine Airport with a paved runway, 4,000 ft. elevation, lighted. Aviation fuel is available. 1 hour to the south, Inyo-Kern (IYK) airport provides flights (via United) to and from Los Angeles several times daily. Contact United airlines at for flight times.

When does fishing season open?
Wow! Fishing Opens 1st Saturday of March , just in time for the Lone Pine Fish Derby. See the Events calendar for March.

How much does it snow in Lone Pine?
On average, Lone Pine receives 6-8 inches per year, typically in January. In town, a typical snow will be gone (melted off) by the following day. Occasionally, larger events will occur, so it is best to be prepared, especially if traveling north of Lone Pine.

How many people live in Lone Pine?
The 2000 population census determined population at 1,655.

Where were the movies filmed?
Starting with “Water,Water Everywhere”, a 1919 film staring Will Rodgers was shot just outside of Lone Pine in the Alabama Hills and surrounding area. Since then, over 300 films have been, at least in part, shot in the area.

Can you camp in the Alabama Hills?
Yes, for a complete listing of camping locations see the camping section of our site.

Where is the Adobe wall from the 1872 Earthquake?
The famed Adobe wall is located along the in the alley way behind La Florista Flower & Gift Shop on Main street. A commemorative wall sits along Main St. near La Florista that gives specific directions.

Where is the famous movie-star autographed wall?
This wall is located in the Trading Post located at the N.E. corner of Hwy 295 and Mt. Whitney Portal Road .

How far is it to Death Valley?
Death Valley is located a mere 100 miles S.E. of Lone Pine along hwy. 190. If you are in Lone Pine, stop at the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce office and pick up all the details on what to see and where to go in Death Valley and the surrounding area!