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Please don’t crush our brush! The plants are part of our scenery and an important ecological part of the life of the desert.

Desert plants may look dead but that’s because they drop their leaves in the heat and dryness of summer. They’re waiting for a just a splash of rain to put out their foliage again. They live a hard, hard life that takes them a long time to grow and they don’t recover well when they’re crushed by vehicle tires.

The National Forest and BLM land surrounding Lone Pine have many unpaved roads suitable for miles of off-highway vehicle driving fun. Maps showing all the Forest Service roads are available at the Mt. Whitney Ranger Station.

Please stay off Closed Roads — they will be posted, and comply with signs and barriers. Leave gates as you find them. Stay on established roads, cross-country driving will quickly trash the environment. Wilderness areas are off-limits to all vehicles.

OHV Regulations
OHV’s must display a California Green Sticker and be registered with DMV, and have an USFS approved spark arrester. If OHV’s are operated in campgrounds, they must be “street legal” and obey the posted speed limits. Out of state OHV operators must carry their out of state identification and don’t need a California green sticker.

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