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The Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce wants to thank everyone who participated this year in our Inyo County Amateur Photo Contest 2023.
This event was made possible with the assistance of Inyo County, California, and a very special Volunteer, Bob Rice.
This year’s winners are:
1st Place- Coco Sly (‘The Pathway” Mesquite Dunes Death Valley)
2nd Place- Michael Prather (Owens Lake Habitat Area)
3rd Place- Randy Keller (Owens Lake)


The 2023 Inyo County Amateur Photo Contest hosted by the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce

photo-contest-2019Last year we had a great turnout for the event, with lots of photos submitted. Most of the photos were scenic; landscapes, inanimate objects, clouds, flowers, rocks, etc. This year we want pictures of action, people DOING what people do in Inyo county as visitors.

Agreement Form and Contest Rules and Regulations

The contest is open to amateurs only. A professional is defined as one whose primary source of income (50%) or more results from his/her photographic work.

Each person can submit up to three photos:

  1. Photos must be saved in high resolution jpeg format
  2. Save photos using the following naming format:  category_lastnamefirstname_picturename

                                                                                 Example:  landscape_smithbob_mtwhitney.jpg      

  1. Email entries to:  

Prizes will be as follows:

First prize $500
Second prize $300
Third prize $100

Only original photos of Inyo County taken by the artist will be accepted. Photographs must be suitable to a family environment. 


Click here to print the Agreement Form and Contest Rules and Regulations (PDF)