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In 1883 the Carson and Colorado Railroad was built from Belleville, Nevada, across the White Mountains to Benton and down into the Owens Valley where the rail line ended in Keeler. The engine was nicknamed “The Slim Princess”. The arrival of the rail line and stagecoach in Keller was a great event. Passengers came in on the evening train twice a week to take the stage on the following day to Mojave. Passengers spent the layover at the Lake View Hotel, later the name changed to the Hotel Keeler.

To the north the short line connected with the Virginia & Truckee Line at Mound House, Nevada. A portion of Keeler’s railroad history is still visible in the old railroad station, stationmaster’s house, and remnants of passenger coaches that are now converted into residences.

North of Lone Pine is the Lone Pine Station Road, which goes east to the abandoned Southern Pacific depot (now a private residence). With the building of the LA aqueduct, large quantities of freight were needed in the Owens Valley, and the railroad was extended from Mojave to Lone Pine for this purpose.