Hogback Ranch

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Project Description

The Hogback Ranch House is a 1,500 sq. ft. two bedroom two bath home on a hill at the base of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the center of activity on the 240 acre Hogback Ranch. The ranch house overlooks a pond immediately in front of the porch and meadow area – and then in turn overlooks a beautiful stretch of the Owens Valley down to the Haiwee Reservoir.

The ranch is a perfect place for equestrians (Western or English) to bring their horses for their stay. The pasture and corrals are close to being completed for equestrian vacation stays. Currently, a portable corral is needed yet there is plenty of room to set it up and there is green grass for 3-4 horses to graze.

Mountain bike and adventure motorcycle riders have a comfortable and remote place to stay in the ranch with access to hundreds of miles of trails out the front gate of the ranch.

The ranch is an ideal place writers and artists of all types to set themselves purposefully into an inspiring environment – whether to wrestle obstacles to their creativity, or to set free what essence is present without interruption or distraction.

There are 3 wall tents which can accommodate up to 20 persons, at additional cost. There is an outdoor cooking area dedicated for tent campers and an outhouse. The tent camping is ideal for scout troops, high school sports team ‘training camps,’ university geology exploration trips in the Owens Valley, retreats, and the like.

2560 Sage Flat Road
Olancha, California
Website: http://www.hogbackranch.com

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