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Other Employment Opportunities in Lone Pine;

There are countless employment opportunities in the Lone Pine area. Being a very rural area, it is not uncommon for commuting to the larger cities, Bishop to the north and Ridgecrest to the south for additional employment possibilities. In Lone Pine, there are a number of small tourism based business, Federal Government possibilities, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and County positions, just 15 miles to the North in Independence, CA. From sporting goods, to groceries, Motel to sparking your own entrepreneurial dream, it is all possible here. Here are a few links to get you started:

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Employment Development Department
Toll free information: 1-800-300-5616

Inyo Bishop
914 N. Main Street
Jobseekers: (760) 873-7185
Employers: (760) 873-7185
Fax:(760) 873-6902

540 Perdew Street, Ste C
Jobseekers:(760) 446-2595
Employers:(760) 446-2595
Fax: (760) 446-5108

Technical & Office Support
410 North Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
(760)-446-8677 (Ridgecrest)

USDA Forest Service
Mt.Whitney Ranger Station
(760) 876-6200
(760) 876-6201 TDD
P.O. Box 8
Lone Pine, CA 93545

County of Inyo
Independence is Inyo County’s County Seat and is located 15 miles north of Lone Pine on Hwy. 395.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Contact the personnel department.
Multiple opportunities for a wide variety of positions

Crystal Geyser Water Bottling Company
CG Roxane Company, Olancha, California 93549

Lone Pine Unified School District
301 S. Hay
Lone Pine, CA 93545

Southern Inyo Hospital:
510 E. Locust St., Lone Pine, CA 93545

General Statistics of Inyo County

County Seat: Independence, CA
County Area 10,140 sq. miles
Highest Point Mount Whitney 14,497.61’
Lowest Point Badwater 282’ below sea level
Land in Federal ownership 92.0%
Land owned by City of Los Angeles 3.9%
Land in State ownership 2.4%
Land in private ownership 1.7%
Population (2000 census) 17,945
Households (1999 est.) 17,746
Median Family Income (2000 U. S. census) $40,200